Recent Publications

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Mental and Behavioral Health

  • Shensa A, Sidani JE, Escobar-Viera CG, Switzer GE, Primack BA, Choukas-Bradley S. Emotional support from social media and face-to-face relationships: associations with depression risk among young adults. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2019.
  • Primack BA, Karim SA, Shensa A, Bowman B, Knight J, Sidani JE. Positive and negative social media experiences and social isolation. American Journal of Health Promotion. In press, 2018.
  • Escobar-Viera CD, Whitfield DL, Wessel CB, Shensa A, Sidani JE, Brown Jr AL, Chandler CJ, Hoffman BL, Marshal MP, Primack BA. For better or for worse? A systematic review of the evidence on social media use and depression among lesbian, gay, and bisexual minorities. JMIR Mental Health. 2018;5(3):e10496. PMID: 30037786 PMCID: PMC6079300.

Waterpipe Tobacco Use

  • Chu K, Colditz JB, Malik M, Yates T, Primack BA. Identifying key target audiences for public health campaigns: leveraging machine learning in the case of hookah tobacco smoking. JMIR. 2019;21(7). PMID: 31287063.
  • Colditz JB, Chu K, Emery S, Welling J, Larkin CR, James AE, Primack BA. Toward real-time infoveillance of Twitter health messages: Practical considerations for data collection, Management, and Human Coding. American Journal of Public Health. 2018;108(8): 1009-1014. PMID: 2992764 PMCID: PMC6050832.
  • Sidani JE, Shensa A, Yabes J, Fertman C, Primack BA. Waterpipe tobacco use in college and non-college young adults in the USA. Family Practice. 2018. PMID: 29741621.

Cigarette/E-Cigarette Use

  • Sidani JE, Colditz JB, Barrett EL, Shensa A, Chu K, James AE, Primack BA. I wake up and hit the JUUL: analyzing Twitter for JUUL nicotine effects and dependence. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 2019.
  • Sidani JE, Colditz JB, Barrert EL, Chu K, James AE, Primack BA. JUUL on Twitter: analyzing tweets about use of a new nicotine delivery system. Journal of School Health. 2019.
  • Chu K, Escobar-Viera CG, Matheny S, Davis EM, Primack BA. Tobacco cessation mobile app intervention (Just Kwit! study): protocol for a pilot randomized controlled pragmatic trial. Trials. 2019;20:147.

Alcohol and Other Substance Use

  • Primack BA, Colditz JB, Rosen E, Giles LM, Jackson K, Kraemer KL. Portrayal of alcohol brands favored by underage youth on YouTube. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. 2017;78(5), 654–664. PMCID: PMC4451204
  • Primack BA, Colditz JB, Pang K, Jackson KM. Portrayal of alcohol intoxication on YouTube. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 2015;39(3):496-503. PMCID: PMC4510943
  • Primack BA, McClure A, Li Z, Sargent JD. Receptivity to and recall of alcohol brand appearances in US popular music and alcohol-related behaviors. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 2014;38(6):1737-44. PMID: 24716496. PMCID: PMC4047148

Entertainment Education

  • Hoffman BL, Rosenthal EL, Colditz JB, McGarry R, Primack BA. Use of Twitter to assess viewer reactions to the medical drama Code Black. Journal of Health Communication. 2018;23(3):244-253.
  • Hoffman BL, Shensa A, Wessel C, Hoffman RM, Primack BA. Exposure to fictional medical television and health: A systematic review. Health Education Research. 2017;32(2):107-123.PMID: 28334962
  • Hoffman BL, Hoffman RM, Wessel C, Shensa A, Woods MS, Primack BA. Use of fictional medical television in medical education: A systematic review. Advances in Health Sciences Education. 2018;23(1):201-216. PMID: 28083814  

Clinical & Translational Science

  • Hoffman BL, Felter EM, Chu K, Shensa A, Hermann C, Wolynn T, Williams D, Primack BA. It’s not all about autism: The emerging landscape of anti-vaccination sentiment on Facebook. Vaccine. 2019;37(16):2216-2223.
  • Corbin BD, Colditz JB, Switzer GE, Sidani JE, Klatt PM, Schaffer T, Primack BA. The SMARxT media literacy program: Improving evidence-based prescribing among medical students. Journal of Media Literacy Education. 2018;10(3):1-18.
  • Chakraborty P, Colditz JB, Silvestre AJ, Friedman MR, Bogen KW, Primack BA. Using Twitter to characterize public sentiment toward HPV vaccination. Cogent Medicine. 2017;4(1).